Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nightly Nonsense

Its a rare time of day (night) for me to be posting. Yes, its true. I am capable of sleeping at 9:15 pm. I usually tuck in by 10 pm though, spending the hour between 9 and 10 in arguing with child, and reading. So what earth shattering news do I have to share with you now? Thats making me pry my eyelids open via matchstick to enable typing?



At all. The child is asleep. Since she wakes up super early of late (I wake up earlier than her by about half an hour, so ha, take that, monster child), she knocks off fairly early. And with the school in session, and our resolve to be sort of on top of things this year, the day can be pretty darn busy for her. The homework has to be done at warp speed, among other things. Just went ahead and did the Indian Mommy and fed her her dinner myself (at least I did not let her read, while I diligently shoved spoons into her mouth from the side. Some consolation!).

My days feel a bit rough too. The heat is just insane. I am still trying to survive without air-conditioning in my office. I believe that I yet don't have funds (in the appropriate account) for it. Bleah. I might just succumb and buy it personally (if they will allow it). After all, I bought my computer like that and no one seems to care. I am trying to be disciplined anyhow, in terms of following through on the thousand things on my to-do list, for before the classes start (a long way off for me, thankfully). Many colleagues seem to be travelling, which is good, means less committee meetings to deal with. Today I did the unimaginable and walked to the lab in mechanical engineering to get some papers. At 4 pm. Blazing sun. He couldn't trace the papers and I have to go back again tomorrow. Ouch.

I am still staying away from the pool, meanwhile, while we figure out which one to plonk family membership for. Tomorrow, I have decided to institute a bit more of a serious inquiry at this place. The slightly greasy security guard who has so far been my fount of wisdom, might not exactly be the most authentic source. Tomorrow, early am, I determine this. While I resist the temptation to just jump in (in my obnoxiously stinky running clothes, no less). Of course it will be after some form of running workout (as yet undecided). Its sort of time for a Yasso. But I might put that off by a day and try something else meanwhile. Lets see.


Airspy said...

I was up at 4AM making lists. And yet life seems unorganized (disorganized?)

kbpm said...

is 4 am next morning or prvs night? its a confusing thing.

Choxbox said...

Yay the airspy’s here!
*forgets what she had to say in the excitement*