Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Decisions! Decisions!

Things are splendid in Kenny land. The weather promises to be good. Had some exciting moments at work, recently. Am sleeping well. I am not thinking much about the fact that the little Fabia got hit again (a motorcycle came and chose to break the brake lights). My hair is very dry, but at least its long (by my standards). We have managed to solve our nasty shoes outside the main door situation reasonably now. Lessons have been learned. Lessons.

1. Cotton is king. I am super proud of the fact that I wore all those saris. It was fun. I came to a few realisations, sari-wise. I always thought people were crazy to worry about the material of the sari because, you know, its all about the blouse and the petticoat, the things that touch your body. Not so! Its virtually impossible to walk or breathe in a non-cotton sari, in these parts. So, must keep that in mind. Also, because it was for work, I sort of pulled everything up and down to show minimum of my tummy. That exposed tummy part is helpful for getting some air, I guess, but modesty, above all! Modesty, and that roll of tummy fat to hide.

2. Sentamizh Something. I tried long ago to learn the Tamil alphabet. It was in Fluid Mechanics class in college. Very boring lectures. Well, thats generically true. I find it hard to listen to lectures... Even my own lectures are boring, which is why I do problem sheets and tutorials and dances and fold my shirt sleeves up mid-way through class. But I digress. The monster gave up on tamil last month and her weekly evaluations (I really don't know what that implies, its some mysterious thing teachers do to kids) were going downhill. We decided to get this stuff back on track. The MIL, who is, of course, quite awesome in Tamil, got into the act, and while at it, I did what I do best. Ergo, started slowly and laboriously reading her text books and the gadzillion Tulika books she owns. Its been fun, this past month. And we have both gotten much better at the language.

3. To each her own. Somewhat peripherally, I was wondering why the kid who eats any book I lay in front of her, was resisting all those Tulikas. She has had them for a while now. She has avoided them. All the mommies and babies are lapping them up and here is my geek refusing a whole set of colourful, superbly illustrated books. I could not figure it out. So I tried to push her to it (which is clearly so stupid, but hey). No way! Even now, while I read it aloud, she just listens periodically while reading one of her other books - although she can read more fluently than I, and lifts her head up to correct me if I say something ridiculous. I think its because she has moved on from that type of story, to a more 'novel-like' form. Of course she is not yet at a skill level that will enable reading a novel in tamil. Anyway I should have done this last year, when she was a year younger, might have been more successful. Who knows.

3. Gym Ahoy! The campus has sprouted a new gym. We are very happy, ecstatic even. Especially on discovering that our Rs.600 per semester gym cards work here too (eat your hearts out, boys). I went one day. I cycled all the way over (20+ mins). Sauntered upstairs. Got stared at balefully by all the men and boys there. I did my thing. Meaning, some bicep & tricep curls, a couple of the leg machines, and push-ups and suryanamaskar. They kept looking daggers at me all the while. Plus I had to walk around everywhere to find small enough sized free weights. But today I went again with the husband, and it was all cool. We had fun. Although on a given machine, I throw the pin out and use it and he maxes out the weight and uses it. I checked myself out though in the conveniently placed mirrors and said 'Not bad Kenny' to myself though the husband reserved comments on my fitness level (appearance-wise) despite my asking. Anyhow, I hope to get back on a once-a-week gym track now. Its super convenient and it has whatever little I seek in a gym.... (no treadmills, but thats cool, I don't like them anyhow).

4. Diwali anyone? I suddenly realised that this is upon us. The monster asked me 'You hate Diwali no Amma?' This is true. The noise, the smoke, the trash. And I always feel bad for denying the kid pleasures of crackers etc. but feel reluctant to give up on my oath (taken in 1993 or '94?) about crackers. Plus I also have duties. Ergo buying clothes, and sweets (for my maid etc.). I am wondering where to go, and when. The likelihood of the husband being willing to enter a Nalli or Chennai Silks being slim. I am sure I can take care of it this weekend. And I might not hate it so much this year. Perhaps goonj will have a special drive and we can go hang out with them and donate some clothes, while at it.

5. Race into your hearts I miss having a race to look forward to. The next 'real' one is Mumbai in Jan 2011 - way too far away. I missed the Kaveri (Sep) and ECR (Oct) already this year, so am reluctant to sign up for one lest I have to miss it. Though I really want to run something. Chennai was my 7th HM and I don't mind closing the year out with #8, if possible. Options are Delhi (Nov 21) and Hyd (Nov 28). Both will be good training for Mumbai (which is always a bit tough for me, frankly, that uphill at Pedder Road still kills me). Don't know. The knees are occasionally a bit painful but like this Saturday, my long run made my knees feel better in fact. I think I can safely blame the basketball for the knee. Or maybe I just need new shoes (I can feel the ground a little bit when I run or play; in all my shoes, without exception).


Space Bar said...

what do you mean 'choices are'?! i thought you'd decided hyd!

(choose hyd! choose hyd!)

Perakath said...

I recently heard that one of my juniors from school is preparing for a 50k run. FIFTY KILOMETRES. Stop messing around with half-marathons, Kennebunk.

Perakath said...

And try wearing your sari without a pallu one day!

kbpm said...

Dude Perakath, just read that bit about my Rs.600 gym and gently weep. I specially meant for you to,,.

SB, yeah, been telling ludwig that. but he is slimy, that one.

Perakath said...

Ha. The gym in my apartment complex is 300 a month! And it's not as sidey as it could have been.

kbpm said...

uff lawyers. mine is Rs.600 a SEMESTER. thats six months. tbbbthththth.

Sue said...

I suggest a sky lantern for Diwali. Vicky's been trying his hand at making them and is going to make one for Diwali.

Space Bar said...

leave luddoo out of your plans, re. you come anyway.