Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Laugh out loud

(or even scream)

Naseeruddin Shah movie. Can't exactly remember if it was Tridev or the other one in which he is a teacher. But he goes to this big old tree in some village like place and screams his head off screams his head off saying its good tension release. I cannot help agree. But laughing raucously also works equally (and you don't have to go to a big old banyan tree in a village far far away).

Home conversations these days go like this:

If you say that I will call you a muggle.

Oh yeah, then you are a mudblood.


You are Ron and are afraid to say Voldemort. In fact you give a start when I say it.

No, I am Mrs. Weasley and I am going to send you a nice howler.

(Go ahead, laugh out loud. Or scream out loud. Whatever you prefer).

In case you had not guessed, its Harry Potter time. I am reading it as if I have an exam coming up, despite cribbing incessantly (in my head) that soon as I finish the series, I have to go clean my head out by re-reading LOTR for the nth time. Before you ask, no, I have not seen the HP movies (or the LOTR ones, for that matter, only glanced at it periodically when it plays on TV; and long long time ago when between my sister and me we had only one child to worry about, we might have seen the first HP at a theater in New Jersey, can't remember too well..). So anyway, forget the movie (unless the monster seems to want to, in which case, what the hell). The monster has been drawing people with scars on their forehead, and has a summer plan that looks like this:

1. Learn swimming
2. Learn cycling
3. Learn broomstick riding...



ChoxBox said...


Diwakar Sinha said...

your 'Monster' is turning into a 'Witch' or sth of a 'Half-blood' is it?

kbpm said...

Diwakar - good one! Mudblood though, unless her father is a wizard in disguise!!

dipali said...

The movie you are referring to is Hero Hiralal, in which Naseeruddin Shah is an auto driver.
The monster is all grown up now, reading HP. Wow!