Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tuesday Torture

Monday madness is old hat now. The household awoke today to a new one. With the birds and those worms that early birds catch, I was up. In fact I was up before even the birds as the timing of our morning run has been advanced, and, it is winter (as it were) in Mumbai, so it is pretty dark at that time. I have been (again) bothered by a cold for the past several days. It came upon me on Friday. Stayed through an enjoyable Saturday. Hit me hard on an irritating Sunday forcing me to take an uncharacteristic morning nap much to everyone's disgust (and surprise). I did not think about it all day Monday (which was mad as can be and extremely busy as well).

The morning nose-block phenomenon is well known to you all. It requires some serious motivation to climb into work-out clothes when your left nostril wants to have some drainex. But its November. Twenty fifth already. We are close now. Less than two months away (Mumbai Marathon on Jan 18th. Mark your brains). So I pulled myself up. We ran, I could manage it though I had to indulge in a bit of walking during the uphill.

The school has chosen to advance the timing to 8:30 am this week. (and lets the monkeys out of the cage at 10:30 am. How a parent is expected to have any species of life - work or otherwise - is questionable). Anyway this means we have to really stay at her to get her ready. Ignore her various comments on the states of various creatures such as Noddy and Pooh and sundry school friends and some Goblins. I did that. Breakfast, usually a big pain in the arse, was fine, she managed to finish her three spoons of Cornflakes. I skipped mine as the left nostril thing was making me feel disgusted.

The milk nearly boiled over as the cook and I were rushing around trying to get things sorted. I nearly dropped the coffee jar (I have been bequeathed a white Phillips coffee maker. I have put away my steel south indian filter for now). I put the old milk on to heat to curd-making temperature and forgot about it. I forgot to offer breakfast to the other adults (not that they are that keen on it, but some sense of domestic duty in my head. Thankfully, that sense does not insist on me cooking anything so I can ignore it pretty well). Managed to squeeze in baths and get past the whole "This dress is hooorrrible" "I DONT like these socks" and sundry other events and then realised several things in one go-

(1) The car cleaner had, in a sudden fit of conscientiousness, made away with husband's key bunch.
(2) Ditto Ditto with my car key so the driver was standing outside the car with a militant look in his eyes
(3) The milk boy was late once again
(4) I had quickly misplaced my key bunch as these thoughts went through the head
(5) When I found the key bunch I lost my water bottle in the crevices of the couch
(6) I had no money and no petrol in my car

Managed to sort through everything and arrived at the school and dropped monster off and came back to my office. The husband, who thankfully seemed to be in less of a hurry to push off than usual, went after the car cleaner dude to retrieve his bunch. Which he was to then give to the New Yorker dude at home. I undid the spare key from my bunch and smoothed the driver's spirits by swearing at the car cleaner person. I ran after the milk boy who was waltzing in slowly as we were leaving and asked him to go up immediately to my house and hand over my precious milk packets to the large person looming in my doorway. I quickly called home and asked the boys to wait for the milk person. I messaged the husband and told him about taking some money from his wallet.

Thankfully have spent a quiet day since then. I have really done what I enjoy the most. Solved problems. The afternoon looks better as I need to re-solve those problems and really use my calculator this time.


choxbox said...

good luck with the re-solving. am sure you'll crack it.

dipali said...

Some days are like this only!

Sraikh said...

I like your title. Manic Monday--Tuesday Torture.

I hope you recover before this upcoming weekend.

Parul said...

I am really surprised that I haven't bumped into your blog earlier....I absolutely love it btw.

So are you running *gasp* THE FULL MARATHON? I am only doing the Dream Run and believe me, it will more luck than skill if I do complete it.

Oh, and hello. (I am not so much a smiley person but I AM smiling here).

kbpm said...

hi & welcome welcome.
its not the FULL marathon, only HALF of it thank heavens!
look forward to meeting up with you soon!