Monday, 15 September 2008

Dream with me now

Last night was full of dreams. The real kind that appear when you are asleep. Of course I do dream all the time but somehow I remembered them this time. Maybe because I wanted to.

We had a dog. Don't know what kind. I was taking a bath with my usual pink mug and smelled a strange smell. I sniffed and started to blame the child for monkeying around, or the husband for using it for shaving, but then I realised it! It was the smell of dog. I still blamed the husband though for using my pink mug to bathe the dog. Where was the dog bathed? Did the husband person take care of all the shed dog-hair? If so, how? How did he dry the dog? Did he (shudder) use my towel?

I moved locations and went trans-atlantic to Cambridge, MA. I had a meeting. My boss of old had lost oodles of weight and was looking kind of snappy in his black pants. I was to have a meeting of about fifteen minutes. Then I was to take my child to the wonderful MIT museum with its splendid inventions and what not. And then we were to go to the Bengali place next door for lunch, with my sister. My sister was in Boston, being corporate. Perhaps it was a close friend and not my sister though. The child was suddenly beamed over to me and was with me as we navigated the Infinite Corridor in search of my meeting room. We had to go in the basement and I was dragging her along since I did not want to be late (to the museum, not the meeting). And then when we reached the meeting room I left her with the surly assistants at the door and went in. There was a projector and slides and I counted 37 slides. YIKES! We could be here all afternoon! I want to go to the museum NOW!

And back in Mumbai, I have avoided reading newspapers, watching the television, or in any way being in touch with reality for the past three days. I am reading Randy Pausch's book now which is giving me delicious memories and lines and posts in my head. Not to mention dreams.


choxbox said...

that is an interesting dream. do some analysis na. as in - why dog?

has happened to me too - as in child(ren) appearing in places/situations way before their arrival. i guess their all-pervading presence in our lives drags them even into the past.

kbpm said...

its easy in this case. dog because she has been asking me for it & in fact sleeps with a stuffed dog toy. i am convinced that that one smells of dog too..
cambridge because she wants me to take her to New York and show her snow (apparently the snow in India is not okay - must be all the Calvin & Hobbes she is reading :-(), & I told her that she would enjoy Cambridge much more than New York, recently.
but yeah generally all pervading presence in subconscious is another good way of looking at it more generally!!

JDB said...

dogs can be scary at times.. even in dreams :-) be it Cambridge or in Mumbai.. :P

Airspy said...

i am terrified of pets. though everyone else at home is in love with the idea of rearing pets. One of my neighbours offered S a baby rabbit spawned by their pets. God, what a heart wrenching fight it took to convince him that it cannot be brought home.

One of my recurring dreams is of my roof leaking. Though in reality it did happen when we lived in Mumbai years ago.

Must ask cb about the hidden meanings.

Navneet said...
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