Saturday, 30 August 2008

Hair-Raising Tales from The Beyond

Well, the beyond is I-dont-know-where but the back of it, as in, the ass of it, is right here in Powai. More specifically located in my own humble home. At least it feels like it everytime we have to go 'out' - which is loosely defined as any place which is not home or office. I am sure it feels like it when our friends visit us from exotic sounding locations around this big mean city. I am almost ashamed to call them over, though I tell myself that good times will be had, good drink will be drunk, good food will be eaten, still, travelling to the back of the beyond for just that?

Talking of which, I am supposed to go 'out' tonight. In about an hour. Surely one has to be running around finding clothes and make-up and shoes and shaving legs and so on at this point of time? I figure it will take me about ten minutes to get ready so here I am banging away at the key-board. For a second there, in the afternoon, I was thinking, hmm. maybe I should make an effort? You know, find something half-way decent to wear. Get the new sandals out of their original packaging. Buy a lipstick (which is about how far I will go as far things I am willing to daub on my face go).

The monster was asleep. Uff. She looked a bit ragged today. I think her stomach is bothering her though one can never be sure with children and their stomach aches. The TV monster was watching something on TV, sure enough it was all about this new movie that released yesterday in all the channels (including ones that are purportedly dedicated to news). Mum was reading the crap that passes off as a newspaper in these climes. They both felt jubilant at this discovery. Apparently I now look like Farhan Akhtar.

Previously, I have been accused of looking like (a)Bobby Deol (b)Ishant Sharma (c)Gollywog (d)Old Guy in Tam movies who has sticking out hair, and so on. And today, this guy. I mean compared to the others, I suppose I should feel secretly kicked. This boy is not half-way bad looking. He seems to play some guitar or crap in this movie. Which would be a cool thing to do if only for the opportunity to tie up my locks within a blue bandana or something.

Anyway with hair like that what really is the bloody point. I had a real wonderful run this morning. We ran up this hill at the back of the campus. Super green and luscious. My friend kept telling me this is leopard territory so I felt all brave and adventurous. We even saw the cages in which they periodically capture leopards that come too close to us (and then release them back near the wilder parts later once everyone calms down about it). And I had to go in to work for a bit. But I figured the best thing to do is to wash my hair, you know, considering the sweat from the run and all. I am super worried of late of tying up my wet hair, it always gives me the weirdest head-ache, which grows in monstrous proportions as the day progresses. So I left my hair all loose and stuff. It responded by curling up more than ever. Not to mention the frizziness. At the grocery store, I was accosted by at least three women peddling hair products. For dry hair. For unruly hair. For frizziness. Okay okay I get it. I told them and promptly got gypped into buying some herbal hair pack for nearly two hundred bucks. Wonder who that will make me look like. Michael Jackson in the days of old perhaps?

I think its best to subdue the beast with about a bottle-full of some generic blue hair gel. Though I would be constantly reminded of Rachel's dad asking Ross if he swam over. Of course, I need not fear. My hair can absorb oil, gel, or anything of that nature within matter of minutes and still go back to looking its usual unruly self. I am sure that is the plan it has in mind for today.

So I say fig off to all thoughts of looking all lady-like and shiny tonight when I go out. Perhaps for the scare value I should go in my full gollywog glory without bothering to tie or gel it. At the very least it would match splendidly with the zit the size of Nicaragua I seem to have acquired on my forehead today. Wonder, does Farhan Akhtar have it too?


choxbox said...

1. dont you think we are the only two women on the planet who dont own even a single lisptick? come off here, we'll go and get some together. from your favourite mall too. maybe airspy can guide us.

2. LOLing at rachel's dad

3. you dont need anything btw for your skin and all - our very own cosmetics expert vouched for that remember?

Sraikh said...

I say screw it. Anyone who is running a marathon can go however way she decides.
If someone has the audacity to say something, throw in the fact that you are running a marathon anytime in the conversation and whoop their ass at basketball :)

PS:Something on my blog for you

dipali said...

Loved the hair raising business. I always wanted curly hair, having the opposite. Now with a decent cut it isn't so boring:)
Something for you on my blog.