Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Rainy Day

alcohol units (so far): 2 calories (so far): gazillion (pakoras in the rain) rain: n mm number of dear family members at home: 2 (yeah!)

6 am last nights downpour is still going strong. it is just not worth getting my feet wet just to go to the gym and work out my tummy.
6:30 am anyway its not as if my haphazard gym sessions are really that useful. will go to the kick boxing tomorrow for sure.
7:00 am oh ho the doorbell, can the cook have come so early. damn. thought i would do some work.
7:40 am ok now i really need to wake these two up. first day of school is so much fun.
she woke up with a jump. what happened amma she said. nothing sweetheart, school today. hmm.
8:00 am eat the oatmeal, eat it now, we are leaving, hey husband, i am leaving, i am going out the door, right now, stop it you monster, get in, get in the bath now, right now
(dont know who was more excited about school, me or her).
9:00 am aaaah successfully dropped her off in school despite wading. bliss to come to office at 9. all quiet and peaceful here.
11:00 am okay you guys i am running away now to get my child from school. we need to wrap this one up. they closed the creche. well, you know how they are... there is bound to be flooding near the creche. no, i am not worried, its old hat now. people freak too easily in mumbai of late. yeah yeah i know what happened that year. but still...
now so the day just got better and better because i willed it to be so. the husband stayed home and obsessively checked his blackberry. i attended my afternoon meeting & found that i actually agreed with what they said despite going in with such a bad feeling about it. discovered that one of the girls was from my school, back in the good old home town. she did not know me or about me, which was rather surprising, but that was fine, the ego was not too too bruised as she was really eight years younger and so obviously a nerd.
the wonderful thing about the husband being home is that, he took over the story session for dinner and, nursing my beer, i can blog and facebook and email and, if and when the mood strikes, work away to glory with no pestering little voice going amma amma (outside) or dude quality time time with the daughter (inside the head).

bridget jones, honey, if you would only give up on it all and accept it when you fall in love, get married and, as we say in India, 'settle down', the advantage is that even if it does rain like there is no tomorrow and you are forced to eat pakoras, you do it with a smidgen of less guilt. oh hell, who am i to hey bridget jones, honey, you? you, after all, are my demi-goddess even when you have a bad hair day...


choxbox said...

LOLing at 8 yrs younger kid being a nerd! but what was she doing in your office!?! are you her guide or some such?

Airspy said...

Is picking out a rain coat that 'mathces' the dress part of your rainy day routine? Will multi-colored umbrellas suffice?

kbpm said...

cb-she is in the hostel. i am warden.

airspy- we have only one raincoat thank heavens! and now i have managed to get chappals that match the raincoat although neither of them may match the dress. small victories..

choxbox said...

wardie you mean?! kewwwwl! now i MUST visit you just to go with you on one of your rounds!
and matching chappals and all? tooo maach!