Wednesday, 12 March 2008

March is upon us!

Goodness, how time flies. Here I am, still unable to deal with the fact that it is 2008 now. And I suddenly see that its March. How is a person supposed to cope? Let me make a list in any case.

  • Parents, all of you out there, please listen to me. Just ease up okay? I am downright furious at all of you who are pressuring young folk. Instead of emotionally blackmailing them, making them live your dreams for you, and so on, spend time in helping them figure out their life. There are a billion options out there today, many of them pay well, several of them will give them a happy life, help them find which one works best for them. For heaven's sake, stop pushing them into engineering or some such. Don't make me come over there with a can of whup-ass.
  • I am going to become a germophobe. It sounds cool I think. JLo has apparently become one after she had her kids (twins I think). Some dude on American TV will not even shake hands with anyone cause he is a germophobe. Sounds totally awesome. I initiated my foray into this by mopping the one inch of grime from my desk first thing this morning.
  • My wardrobe change has gone down the drain. I am back in my old clothes. The man-kurtas I bought are untouched. Today I am wearing a bindi though. With my green salwar kameez and the decent chappals that I wear for shaadis, not the Nike Hawai. Its something I suppose. Must ask my mum (who, by the way, appearances notwithstanding, never ever pushed me into anything) to help me help myself.
  • The monster-child is better now. Germs, please don't come back. She still looks like two eyes with four sticks (two arms, two legs) under them, but is on the mend. Still feeling shit scared to send her to creche, thankfully school is on leave for a few more days. But they have exams in April, oh sorry, evaluations is what the teacher calls them. And no, we are not stressed about it, we are looking forward to it with excitement. At least I am, she has declared that she is too small to write exams and that I should write them for her. I would love to but am a few inches too tall (thats a first..)
  • In an attempt to use the word flocks (or was it folks?), she said, Oh those fucks. I cracked up big time. I guess as a responsible parent I should be shocked, chagrined, and going around chastising myself for swearing so much. But hey!
  • Spent the weekend in Chennai. Was nice. I think I like Chennai weather now. I don't even break a sweat. My only problem with Chennai is Sun TV. I visited the flower market. Nice, though the guys were rude and asked for huge amounts of money. I do love the smell of jasmine flowers (fresh ones). I shopped for glass bangles. It was quite difficult to find them. There is every conceivable type of bangle but glass available. Pathetic situation. I bought some paavadais for a friend's kid. She liked them! Thank god for NRIs! So much culture-embracing they are.
  • Went to a thread ceremony. Kid was real enthu and wanted to fall at my feet - he is supposed to do that to all the adults, after they give him this rice. I refused to let him and hugged him instead (why not? I felt emotional, seemed like a big step for such a small boy). Aunties behind diamond nose studs glared at me. HMPH. I was wearing a Mysore Silk with a black blouse encrusted with beads. Chennai does not like such things, but hey!
  • I think I know why I like boys. They are simpler than us. While my monster was busy negotiating various things and calculating causes and effects in her head, my nephew went around having boats of fun. We had to chase him around to ensure (a) he did not break much (b) did not *OH GOSH* go into the balcony and (c) gave me maximum kisses and hugs posssible. And he fell asleep in a flash after all the activity. Though he did seem to have turned on some tap and flooded the floor. Meanwhile my daughter wanted to take off her shoes. Because he was asleep. So when it was time to go, we would be forced to carry him. And since she was not asleep (and not likely to be), she would have to walk. But if her shoes were off I would not make her walk barefoot so we would have to carry her as well. And it would be all even. My brain nearly had a short-circuit. I like boys. The agenda is clear with them. No machinations.
  • Parents, I am watching. Back off. I don't care a rat's ass about your missed vocation, your sunk opportunity, and all that you gave up because (a) you had your child young (b) your parents just could not afford it or (c) whatever. Go figure out ways to make your life meaningful without going ballistic on your teenager, she has enough on her mind already.
Oh well, I grant you, 2008 is well and truly here to stay. At least its a leap year. I like that. Sort of.


choxbox said...

1. pavadais and NRIs - hmm. true, totally true. we are big suckers for 'em things.

2. bindi and all! hahahahhahahahahahaha! toooo much it seems!

3. kid (sorry i refuse to call her monster) too cute - total logic re taking shoes off. waiting to see how you will keep up with this child!

4. whaat? you couldnt find glass bangles? tried rangarajan street? or the place outsied saravan abhavan? i remember buying black and red glass bangles from there once.

5. for flowers, try the one outside main gate (if she is still there). say hi to her for me. dont know why but she would absolutely refuse any money from me! (did i look that paavam?!)

6. whats with the parents thing? lemme see, you got mobbed at the thread ceremony from parents wanting to know how to crack certain exams etc.

7. see i also wrote a post in your comment section (despite having to still make methi rice, extract the kid from her beads sorting, bathe and feed her and take her to school). ta.

Airspy said...

whatever on earth triggered this barrage? i think i'll call you to find out.

yes, i too have problems finding glass bangles. its all metallic which rains jing bang dust all over. i agree with your point on boys. but we intend to 'thread' ours at 20, by which time the reigning popular culture would have forgotten what it is and hence we really need not do it. how smart. pat pat.

kbpm said...

airspy- why thread it at all? apart from the fact that you can hog on morekuzhambu and aamavadai?

both- the parents thing? well, its something at work (obviously). will write to you guys about it later, need to vent anyway.

choxbox- girl your Chennai fundas are totally dated! Plus we live in TNagar, no need to go all the way to Adyar to get flowers, you silly girl.

the metal bangles with falling jigna is such a pain! looks nice and all, and ideally if my daughter had her way we would own one doz. in every conceivable colour but it gets everywhere.

choxbox said...

hey i lived in madras, not chennai.

Serious Lounger said...

hey, my son is not as much of an angel.. not the second brat atleast..

kbpm said...

serious lounger alias sloch-
are you kidding me? my nephew is a total sweety-pie. dont you dare say anything bad about him! i thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with him, so there....will comment on the little one soon, by end of April for sure (can't wait!).