Thursday, 3 January 2008

Its a mere 16 days away....

Its that time of the year again. Mumbai Marathon time folks. Get ready. Get geared. This is what I am going to do. No part of this map really makes sense to me. And this is the third time I am going to pound these roads. I just follow the junta. Jog Jog Jog Jog Jog.

Last year I had major calf cramps. I wish I could just forget that part. Put it out of my mind. Something had happened the year before, something to do with my toes, but thankfully, I have forgotten that.

This year, I have
1. New Shoes (not so new, have broken it in, have run about 40 km on it so far, should run at least 60 more before the day, so all broken in).
2. New Tshirt (Dryfit. whatever that might mean. seems to work though, placebo effect? mebbe).
3. Experience (yes dears, third year in a row at the Half).
4. Less Weight (it FEELS like I weigh a few kilos less though it does not LOOK like it).

On the other hand
1. My knees have begun to hurt. Possibly all the words of wisdom of all the folks who insist that at my age, running on the roads is bound to impact the knee. Possibly all in my mind.
2. My third toe on the left foot has been swollen for the past ten days. I have iced it. I have ignored it.

So its even all around. I am not raising any money this year. Which begs the question WHY AM I RUNNING? Why and whats the reason for? Well, apart from the fact that I need such a regular goal to get my ass out of bed early am for the work-outs. The tummy, its got to go babe, been carrying it around for four years now. Milind Soman is bound to be there. Has he shaved lately? Hey MAYBE I am doing this for ME. The Original KennyBunkPort of Maine. Yes. That is it. To remember and to forget. To feel young and to feel old. For the good and the bad.


Vanessa said...

wish u the very best...Milind soman? How i like him once upon a time...he seems to have relocated to 'the planet of Apes'

And kbpm, i have started on a job finally. Got a nice day-care for the kid....she is a kind spanish lady...not Indian as many people suggested i should do. Going by insticts, the spanish lady was good, good place she had for kids and its near to my office. So there its all set.
The pay is not that good. Its a fresh new beginning nevertheless...;-)

kbpm said...

Hey I am really happy for you. I am sure you all will have a great time with this! do write your experiences.

JDB said...

Wishing you all the best for the run. I m sure with all the efforts you have put in for the race you'll definitely do well.

PS: My application for the Marathon got rejected :(

Laasya said...

Bonne Chance, ma chère soeur !

kbpm said...

Thats too bad... Another near miss for you. Hope your luck turns after this...

Laasya Dear -
Err. Umm. Huh. Thanks. :-) :-)

choxbox said...

why arent you raising money?

haffun running and hey hats off to you!