Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Well, regular programming to resume next week. I had, as usual, some revelations in the past week thanks to my illness, and friends visiting, and so on.

1. Women cannot get any rest. Indian women for sure. Housewives, career chicks, masala mommies, all of them, have tendencies to martyrdom. Its nothing noble, in fact, it is quite stupid of them (us). But deep-rooted.

2. Bandra is a jungle. Powai is a jungle. Both places have, of course, non-traditional set-ups, like in place of the thick undergrowth we have drains and feet. In place of the overhanging trees and greenery there are the buildings. Like insects and other creatures teem in tropical jungles, so do people throng in these urban jungles. Like animals pee to mark their territory, so do people pee, though not always to mark their territory, but just to show that they have the requisite plumbing. Now what are the cars, trucks, autos, push-carts? Poachers with guns and hats?

3. Summer is upon us. Amchi Mumbai is breaking spontaneously into sweat. The fans whirr ineffectually overhead. We balk at the pedestal fans which can fit little fingers in. We seek cold water (NO! DONT DO IT. That is probably what causes soar throats). Its time to think longingly of hill-stations, Antartica, or at the very least, of some place other than Mumbai where parents or other such relatives/friends one may impose upon, live. Just make sure the place has only a reasonable amount of load-shedding.

4. Have handed in form with immunisation certificate, birth certificate, service-book record, and what not in school#2 with dusty floors. Teachers have looked longingly at me, they have smiled. I have carefully dressed so as to look responsible and so on, office staff has responded better. It takes three minutes along a shady, tree-lined road to get there from my office. The school-yard has ancient trees. It has the smell of summer-time, exams, results, P.G.Wodehouse, visiting friends on my red bicycle, those are recalled with a pleasant ache.

5. I am teaching Kannada to child, why lose a language? I say bollocks to people who tell me that its confusing for children to try to pick up a lot of languages. I say don't tell the kids that they are languages. Teach them songs. We are all about songs. Recommendations on good kiddie books in Kannada/Hindi/Tamizh are also welcome (I cannot read Tamizh but might be a good time to learn, or others in the house can read them to her).

6. One friendly visit happened on Saturday. The night stretched out almost into day. Was nice. Wish I could remember what we talked about. But the biscuits left with us are yummy, they remind. Like Ashima and Ashoke in The Namesake, we may be accused of parochially hanging out only with friends we went to college with. Yes, I think that would be a fair accusation.

We are off to Phuket tomorrow. Wish me patience! Night flight, change of airports in Bangkok, hyper-active child, and so on. Hope to visit Zoo, Aquarium, and Elephant something. And when I return I will be a year older, hopefully endowed with a few white hairs.


Vanessa said...

Nice post kbpm. Lots of things i could relate to.
As for women resting, even if you have someone to make sure you get that much needed rest, its just physical.
eg- While "resting", my mind is busy wondering if my husband is finding his way around the kitchen and keeping a watch on the kid. (Men are not good at multi-tasking they say). You'd say i am a psycho, but any noise (thud) i hear outside, i wonder whether my daughter has climbed the balcony railing and jumped right outside. I find it better to just sit on the sofa, and a have a bird's-eye view of everything.
So you see, inspite of having a hubby who simply pampers me while i am ill, i still cannot rest. The problem lies with me...:-)

Vanessa said...

btw, have a great trip. Happy birthday in advance. I guess b'day early April makes you a fellow Arian.....nice to know that :-)

csm said...

kbmp - 'soar throat'

phuket will rock as long as you follow l's throat remedies to the final word.
stay away from all mac WAGs.
hang out with the kids. try to unbrat them !! :-) try for a bit anyways.

hope you carry your books.

have fun and happy times.

kbpm said...

vanessa - i can see what you mean! i have been working hard on not being obsessive mom (OM). am much better now (at least I think).
Yes, I am Arian! Pretty typical one I suppose. So is my daughter BTW! Poor husband of mine has to deal with two Arians!!

csm - of course i am all over that soar throat treatment of ludwig's. of course. not too many kids are coming. hope i find someone, anyone to talk to, mostly banking on one kid with whom i had a fight last time and then we made up and now we are great friends, if she still remembers me. you have fun too. :-)

Ludwig said...

kenny, are you off already?

> Bandra is a jungle.
> Powai is a jungle.

you have no idea how much of a relief it is to be in a place where all i have to do is go as far as Rs. 4 bus ticket for most of my needs. phew.

> I say bollocks to people
> who tell me that its
> confusing for children
> to try to pick up a lot
> of languages.

And you say rightly. But but but... I thought that current thinking has it the other way round. Isn't childhood the best time to pick up a lot of languages? Self and sibling picked up 4 without any trouble at all. I say, you continue the Kannada with the child.

> One friendly visit
> happened on Saturday.

Oh yes. It was memorable. Would've been nice to remember what it was all about, yes. Woke up drunk-ish in Prabhadevi next morning. Urk. But repeat order can be done.

When exactly were the biscuits handed over? Have no recollection... And why weren't they handed over to csm? Have no recollection of that either, that's how we were. Ah well, we live to fight another day.

> Like Ashima and Ashoke in

Saw this y'day. Purdy good, eh? Not in the same class as 'Monsoon Wedding', but ne'ertheless. But she really should've set it in Boston, no? Tchah. After "The Departed", the hankering for seeing Boston on the big screen grows apace...

SrgntPepper said...

hey happy new year! you should have told us no? we could have raised one more toast last wknd.

and no, cold water (cold anything) doesnt cause sore throats.. pliss not to be slandering the bastest beverage in the whole world.

kbpm said...

csm- yes, got it. sore. as in without tendencies to soar.
ludwig- treatment worked fine. i had it neat. burned the old oesophagus but cleared up the voice and all.
was in good dancing form for rest of the evenings.
SrgntPepper- by which you mean Happy Birthday. Thats cool. We came near to wishing each other on your Birthday as well right?