Sunday, 11 February 2007

Work Week

In the past week although many things have tried to infiltrate my brain, I have resisted the temptation to go on my forays into the fictional world, and actually got down and worked. And discovered some things.

1. My decision to get busy with my hands is yielding good results. People respond better to you when you get down and do things yourself. Delegating work is all cool stuff but a half hour doing the stuff yourself, along with whoever your are delegating to, works wonders.
2. Clear delineation of responsibilities (and not calling them duties), is awesome.
3. Exercise rocks, even if means waking up before the crows and walking to the gym when its still dark and cold and the watchman is still curled up and asleep.
4. Restaurant food sucks big time. The same old paneer and peas and red thingammy sauce with cauliflower and what not floating in it, naan, roti, all bleaaah. My Rs.20 Roti-Subji deal at the local NGO run canteen wins hands down. Of course today's kuzhambu, paruppu thuvaiyal, and kovakka fry is bound to be dreamy, but that is for Sunday.
5. Although this was last week, it is here in this list. Voting was a wonderful feeling. Although she did not finally win. All that checklist stuff was helpful, at least for me.
5. I am possibly Scarlett O'Hara; minus the green eyes. But that is the matter of a long discourse best reserved for later when I don't need to run behind the child and get her bathed.

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