Thursday, 14 December 2006

Running - Gizmo Free

What is the most exhilarating feeling in the world? I am sure you are thinking bungee-jumping, snorkeling, or something exotic like that. Sorry people, I am just an ordinary woman with no opportunities for para-sailing or snowboarding anymore. I am talking about your simple, everyday, next-door, running. Yes, it is an absolutely fascinating, invigorating thing to do. For those of you turning away and sniggering already and labeling me mad, here is my advice – try it! Try it early in the morning, it’s the only time that makes sense. So early that the sun is just about to rise, so that for a few minutes into your run, you have darkness. Then slowly you can see things more clearly as the sun comes into its own. Depending on where you are, if you can catch a sight of the orange rising sun, awesome! Any and all water bodies are also great, you can stare at the vastness of the sea or lake or whatever, and feel your life stretching out in front you, shimmering and full of fun. So much for the visuals. Unless you are really really trapped in concrete, the sounds you hear when you run so early in the morning, aaah… Birds of all kinds, yes, if you have a headache or a hang-over it sounds like a racket and a half, but if you are running and feeling your pores open out, the chirping of the birds gives you an energy boost for sure! What on earth do they do so early in the morning, yes, get ready to go off to search for food for the day, that’s true. But for a bird, what does that mean? Brushing teeth? Bathing? Coffee? Breakfast? Getting the kids shipped off to school or crèches? I don’t know, but I am sure you will wonder too if you can just hear them. You may also hear the occasional bell from the milk or paper-boys cycle, or the sound of the devout praying (they also choose the early morning times, if it would not be considered heresy you could say that running is my prayer!), and sundry other things.

What do you need to enjoy this feeling? Not much. A comfortable T-shirt, shorts and a good pair of running shoes. Some company is good, but as long as you are not some place real remote that you have worry about things or people attacking you, going alone is really the best thing to do, just you and your thoughts. Just try and forget that it is exercise and will help you lose weight and flab, that its good for your heart. Think of it as the best part of the day, the time which is most enjoyable, the part that energizes you and gets you going for the rest of the 20-odd hours, I am sure you will be a convert in no time.

PS: No mobiles or IPODs please!

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